Intoxicate, swedish thrash metal

Intoxicate, the Swedish Speed/Thrash Metal band was formed in 1988, but only stayed active until 1991. After hiatus for over two decades, the band reformed in 2014 with 4 members from the ‘Tango of Nietzsche’ line up.

Between 1988 and 1991, the band released four demos – one every year – and in 2014 they released their EP dubbed “Retrogressive” with six classic songs from their demos. Here is the band’s current lineup based on the 2014 release:

  • Pasi Tikka – Drums
  • Tommie B. Carlsson – Guitars
  • Tomas Eriksson – Guitars
  • Mattias Grytting – Vocals

While many bands in the Speed/Thrash Metal genre base their lyrics on violent, aggressive, and somewhat devilish themes, Intoxicate focuses more on science, technology, and nuclear devastation themes.

Lyrical themes in thrash metal – subgenres

Typical lyrical themes in speed/thrash metal include corruption, injustice, isolation, addiction, alienation, murder, suicide, warfare, and a myriad of other woes that afflict people and societies. In some cases, you can find irony and humour, though such lyrics are rare and an exception of the rule.

Intoxicate lyrical theme is biased towards technology, and may be classified in the technical/progressive thrash metal subgenre.

The tech/prog subgenre is considered a genuine thrash metal genre by some people, or even two (technical and progressive) genres, while others claim that it is a pseudo-genre. Metal bands in this genre focus on technology in their music, as in the form of intricate riffs and/or strong structures, though some bands apply the philosophy of progressive music more broadly without straying from their basic speed/thrash metal sound.

Other common thrash metal subgenres include:

  • Crossover thrash – this form of thrash metal contains more hardcore punk aspects than standard thrash. Some people bands/people refer to it as punk metal, though this is incorrect since there are other music genres that combine forms of heavy metal and punk rock, such as crust punk, grunge, and metacore. Although thrush metal is largely influenced by hardcore punk, the general sound of crossover is more punk-influenced yet more aggressive and metal-sounding compared to traditional hardcore punk and thrashcore.
  • Death-thrash – where lyrics combine elements from death metal and thrash metal. Most types of death-thrash are based on thrash metal music, implying that it is played a little faster than standard thrash metal, and often with growled vocals. Considering that death-metal is a product of thrash metal, many early bands in this genre played a style anchored on thrash metal but considered death-thrash.
  • Blackened thrash metal – this is a kind of thrash metal with elements of black metal. Its thrash metal elements are somewhat primitive and similar to early German thrash metal, with most early black metal having its origins in thrash metal.

With their new album, which is partly a collection of its previous music, It would be a stretch to call Intoxicate’s 2014 release truly “progressive”, though it does have some elements of technical thrash to fall within the technical/progressive subgenre. Fans can enjoy tons of guitar solos and fantastic bass thrown in anywhere possible.

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