About Us

The name “Restorm” combines two parts: “re” from “revolution” and “storm”, and restorm.com is a music platform designed to help different artists succeed in the music industry.

With our free and professional tools, you can generate more attention for your music, earn money online, and save time all at once. Restorm.com brings together all actors of the music industry: artists, clubs, promoters, record labels, media representatives, and music fans to share their passion for the music in one place.

Community Features

Fans can stream or download music from the platform even if the artist has just released it, plus they can share information about themselves with other members on the platform, like their music preferences and concerts they’ve attended. Fan members also have the chance to support musicians of their liking, while labels and clubs can pass concert opportunities through ads to musicians or tenders.

All restorm.com members can also save playlists and communicate with each other via messaging on the platform, making it easier for people with common interests to make friends.

Background and History of Restorm.com

The platform was initially built on the Ruby on Rails framework that was commissioned in October 2007 by the restorm AG. It had three divisions, namely: restorm.com, the music platform; restorm.tv portal, the music video portal; and restorm.fm, the planned radio portal. But in June 2008, two of the divisions, restorm.fm and restorm.tv were integrated into restorm.com to deliver an all-encompassing community concept.

Restorm.com used to offer a range of mobile apps to the community:

1. The Facebook app

This was a great feature that allowed artists to provide their Facebook fans with up-to-date music, videos, and information about themselves. The app automatically generated a Facebook page using the artist’s data on their restorm.com profile. You could even sell your music directly on Facebook!

  • The Facebook Band app – where artists could showcase their band, offer music, and publish news via Facebook
  • Facebook Label app – where labels could present their bands, offer music, and publish extractions and information
  • Facebook Venue app – for venues like bars, cafes, and clubs to publish information and indicate forthcoming events

2. Mobile App

The Mobile App allowed artists to create their personalised restorm.com app for mobile devices, with the freedom to choose their own colours and content to show. The app was synchronised with the restorm.com profile, implying that it contained up-to-date news, songs, events, and other information for fans to stay updated via push notifications.

3. Booking, Featuring, and Demo-tape Pool

Promoters, labels, and venues could take advantage of these pools to achieve different goals as follows:

  • The Booking Pool allowed event organisers to find and reserve bands for their event/venue. Bookings were made directly to individual bands via the Booking pool
  • The Featuring Pool allowed promoters to sample collected band applications and filter, sort, and select featuring. The featuring appeared automatically on restorm.com in the band and media sections.
  • The Demo-tape tool – for new bands to get in touch with labels, making the process of talent discovery much easier.

4. Restorm Connect App

This app saved artists the trouble of updating the same data and information repetitively throughout the web by connecting your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or SoundCloud accounts to your restorm.com profile.

Restorm also offered extensive statistics, so artists could check on the number of plays, views, and sales you have made, and labels could view the statistics for all their bands at once.